Solutions for coping, surviving and thriving during the
Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 has been hugely disruptive for South Africa’s education sector. Never before have schools come up against such abrupt and unanticipated challenges – challenges that have affected every aspect of their functioning and their relationships with their communities.

The unchartered nature of these waters has also meant that effective solutions haven’t been immediately obvious or easy to implement.

To help principals, teachers, parents and learners deal with these challenges, the Phepha uFunde campaign – which means “learn and be safe” in isiZulu – has been established. Phepha uFunde offers school leaders the space in which to share the solutions they have found within the guidelines provided by education departments. Contexts across the country differ greatly and school leaders can learn from the successes of their colleagues. 

You are invited to explore the resources provided in these pages, and to learn from the experiences of others. In this way, we hope to overcome Covid-19 and serve the needs of South Africa’s teachers and learners together.

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Solutions for coping, surviving and thriving during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Learn - Phepha uFunde


Government, international and Covid-19 guidelines to support you on a day-to-day basis.

Planning the new academic year

On 4 November 2020 Tshepo Motsepe (Zenex Foundation) facilitated a conversation with a panel of experts and education leaders on what school leaders can anticipate for 2021.

Lessons that special schools can teach us

Lessons that special schools can teach us

In this, the last broadcast of the Phepha uFunde series, the focus was on schools for learners with special education needs. Prof. Metcalfe framed this well when she said that these schools are an important part of the education system, and that the challenges they...

The Leading Question: “What is Quality Teaching?”

The Leading Question: “What is Quality Teaching?”

We had another good discussion led by Reggie (or should I say Dr. Reggie) and Prof. Mary on what school leaders and teachers are currently doing with regard to teaching and learner assessment in their schools. What makes this radio show special is that it tackles the...

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