School leaders are coming up against new and complex administrative and educational challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

But they are also finding solutions to these challenges – solutions that are helping teachers and learners to cope, survive and thrive. Through Phepha uFunde, these ideas and insights are now widely available, both on this website and through interviews that were broadcast on Radio 2000 and can now be accessed under each R2000 theme or the podcast tab.

The diverse topics explored during Phepha uFunde’s radio show include how school leaders can lead during times of uncertainty; how they can support teachers, learners and parents to deal with the anxiety that has come with Covid-19; what the science tells us about ensuring teachers and learners’ safety; and a range of other educational issues. Every episode features the individual experiences of school leaders and teachers from across the country, and invites others to contribute their challenges and success stories.

The show is hosted by Reggie Philander on his Radio 2000 show, Saturday Brunch with Reggie Philander. Its permanent guest is educator Mary Metcalfe, the former MEC for Education in Gauteng and Director General of the Department of Higher Education, and the current Executive Director at the Programme to Improve Learning Outcomes (PILO).

Through meaningful conversations, Phepha uFunde demonstrates that we – as principals, teachers, parents and learners – have the resources and resilience to address the difficulties Covid-19 has brought. But in order to achieve this, we need to work together, and to share our experiences and knowledge proactively and consistently.

Phepha uFunde is funded by the Solidarity Fund and the Zenex Foundation, both of which are working to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 across South African society. The Solidarity Fund and the Zenex Foundation believe that this initiative is important. They see it as an opportunity to learn from the pandemic and to build up skills and resources that will help South Africa to deal with any education disruptions that might happen in the future.

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Brought to you by the Solidarity Fund and the Zenex Foundation.

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