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The10 Phepha uFunde radio shows on Radio 2000 focus on a specific theme each week.

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Explore the themes below to find out more about how others in the education sector are dealing with the challenges of Covid-19.

Radio 2000 Themes - Phepha uFunde - Leading in Uncertainty

in Uncertainty

Covid-19 has stretched schools in ways no one could have anticipated. And with no precedent on which to base a way forward, many principals and teachers are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

Leading in a context of anxiety

Leading in a
Context of Anxiety

Pandemics are often defined by fear and anxiety. When it comes to education, principals, teachers, parents and learners all experience their own unique set of constantly changing anxieties.

Radio 2000 Themes - Phepha uFunde -  Learning from the Science to Make Sure Schools are Safe

Learning from the Science to Make Sure Schools are Safe

In order for learners to go back to school safely, schools need to follow standard operating procedures that are in line with the latest scientific information available on Covid-19.

Leadership Challenges in Managing Teacher Comorbidities and Attendance

Keeping Schools Safe for Teachers with Comorbidities

School leaders are battling to deal with the ways in which Covid-19 is affecting teachers’ attendance, especially teachers who have comorbidities or need to quarantine or self-isolate.

Leadership and Managing Challenges in Implementing SOPs

Leadership and Managing Challenges in Implementing SOPs

Managing and enforcing standard operating procedures has put a huge burden on school leaders who are already struggling under the strain the pandemic has placed on them.

Leadership Challenges in Managing Timetabling

Leadership Challenges in Managing Timetabling

The Department of Basic Education’s suggestion that class sizes be reduced by 50% to ensure social distancing has serious timetabling implications.

Learner Attendance

School leaders have found it very difficult to manage learner attendance during Covid-19. In many instances, families are concerned about increasing the risk of exposure.

Planning Teaching and Assessment

Planning Teaching
and Assessment

It’s simply not possible to teach everything that was planned for 2020. Teachers have had to adjust their planning and assessment processes significantly.

Supporting learning at home

Supporting Learning
at Home

Many schools have been limited to having only half of their learners on site at a time. This means that almost all learners have to learn at home at one point or another.

Learn - Phepha uFunde

Education Leaders Responding to Special Education Needs

The scope and depth of the challenges schools for learners with special educational needs have faced during Covid-19 has been even greater than those faced by mainstream schools.