Leadership and Managing Challenges in Implementing SOPs

Broadcast date: 3 October 2020

A complex process

A complex process

Implementing the SOPs that are required to keep schools safe during Covid-19 is a complex process.

Managing and enforcing these procedures on an ongoing basis has put a huge burden on school leaders who are already struggling under the strain the pandemic has placed on them. At times, the process is immensely frustrating.

One way of managing this process involves school leaders linking the SOPs, which are informed by up-to-date scientific knowledge, to everyday school routines. As a result, learners become accustomed to washing their hands and sanitising surfaces at certain times of the day. Over time, social distancing and the wearing of masks also become routine.

These routines need to be adapted according to schools’ different age groups in order to work effectively.

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Standards and Science

Standards and science

Leadership and Managing Challenges in Implementing SOPs

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