Broadcast date: 17 October 2020

Lost to the system

Lost to the system

We’ve already looked at the ways in which Covid-19 is affecting teacher attendance at schools. But of course, attendance among children is just as big a problem – one that school leaders have found very difficult to manage.

Children have not been able to attend school for multiple reasons during the pandemic. In many instances, families are concerned about increasing the risk of exposure, especially if their children or other family members have pre-existing comorbidities.

For most families, the day-to-day school routine has also been disrupted. Different living and commuting arrangements, changing working hours, and the fact that most children are required to attend school only on selected days, has thrown everything off course. Covid-19 presents a very real risk of increased dropouts and children being lost to the system.

What solutions are school leaders finding to maximise learner attendance? Listen to the podcast below to find out more.

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Learner Attendance

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